The Lost Art of Bartering: How to Build a Business without Spending a Dime

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Way before the almighty dollar became the exclusive exchange note for goods and services, bartering was the most popular method of doing business.

medium_2905280530Fast forward to 2013, and the idea of swapping services is almost unheard of. A tremendous amount of value has been placed on that green piece of paper, and bartering has seemed to lose its luster.

But I’m here to tell you that trading goods and or services, is both a smart and extremely cost effective way to build your cash strapped business!

I was recently contacted by a local professional who proposed a simple trade of services. Their business was in need of some marketing help, and what they offered in return, was a well received motive for exchange. Although money controls most of our actions, there is no reason why you should stunt your business’s growth due to a lack of traditional funding. A simple trade is usually all it takes to ensure that both your education and future profits are moving in the right direction.

Once you switch your mindset to a mode which allows you to think outside of the box, the resulting possibilities are endless.

This country was built on trade. Why not your business?

The next time you see something which you know without a doubt, will help you elevate your success, try giving that business a ring and see what happens.

You may be surprised by the response!

Andy Sokolovich

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