The Single Letter Word That Is Sure To Cripple Your Business

This single letter word has caused more businesses to fail than any other word in the English dictionary!

It’s used in everyday speech, it’s used between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons.

But, when used between employers and employees, it can quickly dissolve any motivation that ever existed.

A business is a family. As an employer, the word I needs to be deleted from your vocabulary.

If owners decide to make it all about them, they might as well throw up an “Out of Business” sign, and sell that vacation home on the Outer Banks.

From the person that empties the trash, all the way to the CEO, every business needs to adopt a team concept. Employees will work extra hard if they feel that their efforts created a positive end result.

Often, your employees greet potential prospects before you do.

What would happen if they felt insignificant?

Do you link they would do their best if all the praise was directed at you?

Let’s try a little exercise.

Carry a small notebook around with you for one week. Every time the word I inserts itself into your vocabulary, I want you to place a hash mark in the notebook.

Be honest, and take this exercise seriously!

It could be the difference between life and death.

At the end of the week, I want you to sit back and count the number of times I was spoken. Count them out loud in your office.

How many?

Now sit back and reflect if it was necessary to reference that thing, topic, or idea as YOURS.

Maybe it should have been OURS!

There is no I in TEAM.

Old saying…but very true.


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