This Short Video Is Proof That Taking Action Makes A Difference! Stand Out & Be Recognized

Small Business Marketing Tactics That WorkWhat have you done lately to stand out?

Andy Sokolovich, owner of BBM, and author of this very post, was recognized this year at at the Nitro Marketing Launch 2.0 event in Dallas, TX.

I didn’t want to be recognized by all the folks sitting in the very seats that I was, I wanted to catch the eyes of the individuals up on that stage! They’re the ones that make things happen. Everyone in attendance brought something special to the table, but to be successful in this business, you have to stand out amongst your peers. You have to create a WOW factor! This may just be an awesome memory, but it’s a memory I never would’ve had if I didn’t pull the trigger and take action. Who knows…maybe something great will happen, and I’ll be able to move out of my in-laws’ second floor!” ~ Andy

Two Faced Cat

On the first day, and in the first hour, I made a difference.

I didn’t know what I was doing. I needed that $50! That was my travel money for the next three days, but some things are worth the investment.

I am posting this video not to toot my own horn, but I wanted to show you that taking a chance can really pay off.

Don’t just be another face in the crowd, or another business on a busy street.

You are different, and you do things nobody else can do. It doesn’t matter if you sell the same product, or provide the same service, there is always a way to make yours better than the next guy’s.

I want you to think hard about what makes you different, unique, awesome, and one of a kind.

Take that, and apply it to everything you do.

Your business cards, print advertising, commercials, and mission statement.

That’s you, and NOBODY can steal you!

Watch this short video for some inspiration. It’s what I watch whenever I feel that my voice isn’t being heard!

BBM’s Owner Andy Sokolovich Stands Out During Nitro Marketing Launch 2.0 in Dallas, TX


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