Want To Build Your Own Small Business Dream Team? I Know Who You Should Pick First

www.BentBusinessMarketing.comDon’t dismiss the idea of making your clients or customers a part of your team.


When it comes to building your brand, nobody knows more about what makes you different from your competitors, than the people that buy from you. Whether it be for goods or services, they made their decision to spend money in your business for a reason.

You need to use these individuals as a resource, and not just as a source of income. People love feeling like they are included in the business decisions you make. By picking their brains for marketing or advertising ideas, they will develop a strong loyalty to your brand.

That feeling of belonging will result in a massive amount of word-of-mouth advertising!

Build a marketing board consisting of yourself, the owner, and your most influential customers. Not the ones that spend the most money, but the ones who have shown an interest in your business, and have already provided you with some referrals.

Use your newly constructed think tank to receive feedback on advertising. Before you dunk a ton of money into that new full page, color, newspaper ad, pass it around at you next board meeting and see what they think.

You may love it! But the people that are writing the checks may hate it. Their opinion is worth way more than any other “buy it now” demographic research tool you can buy online.

Leverage their genius to save yourself thousands in bad advertising!

By bringing your customers together under a single roof, it will give them an opportunity to “chew the fat”, and share all of the reasons they’ve chosen to buy from you.


You never know where you are exceeding a customer’s expectations. They might buy from you just because you offer free coffee on Saturday mornings. A small gesture that you label as ” just something you do”, but that tiny act may play a bigger role in your annual revenue than you think.

Before you discontinue a product, or eliminate a service, be sure that it’s not a disguised cash cow!

Sometimes your earnings report doesn’t depict the entire truth. Always understand what a customer is worth over the lifetime of your relationship.

Not just what they spend during a single visit.

The lifetime value of a customer is one of the most important pieces of information any business owner will posses.

When you start to view your customers as colleagues, you know you are destined for ultimate success!


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