What Chipotle Can Teach Us About Standing Out In A Crowd

Chipotle ~ Sustainable AgricultureI was listening to the  radio yesterday, when I heard an ad for Chipotle™ restaurant.

I have always been a big fan of this establishment. My love for Mexican food stems from my many years stationed in both Texas & New Mexico.

What Chipotle Can Teach Us About Standing Out

Chipotle™ boasts about the freshness of their ingredients.

There’s no denying that when you step up to that counter, all of the veggies resemble those fresh from the farmer’s market.

This may not be true about all of their locations, but the ones I’ve visited were pretty impressive!

Chipotle™ recognized what made them different. They highlight the freshness of their ingredients, and include it in every piece of advertising they create.

This particular advertisement directed me, a valued customer, to visit a website where they’ve posted the days & locations of farmer’s markets they plan to visit.

This year alone, Chipotle™ will purchase over 10 million pounds of fresh produce from local food growers across the country.

Their message morphed from “we have the freshest ingredients,” to “we have the freshest ingredients, and now you can watch us buy it, while also supporting local farmers & sustainable agriculture!”

By taking an idea that so many others have you used in the past (fresh ingredients), and adding their own special twist, Chipotle™ has set themselves up for success!

With so many businesses fighting for customer attention these days, it’s imperative that you set yourself apart.

What’s your WOW factor?

Buying locally grown food (within 100 miles of its origin) has become very popular these days. Equipped with their recycled grocery tote, consumers have really embraced the local food movement.

Chipotle™ was smart enough to notice this trend. They found a way to tie in their message with a more powerful one that embraced hope for a brighter future.

What causes, non-profits, or charities are popular within you niche?

Can you team up?

As I stated already in my last post, don’t hide behind your computer, get out in the community, and find a group of people that share a common goal.

They’re out there, and as long as you care, they will embrace your efforts.

Not only will they applaud your desire to be involved, but they will turn out to be you best sellers!

Whether you love them, or hate them, Chipotle™ has set themselves apart from other fast-food chains. They continue to stay true to their message, and have opened the doors for others to get involved.

In addition to the farmer’s market schedule, they commissioned for a video to be made depicting the importance of adopting a more sustainable way of farming.

Pretty cool stuff!


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