“What I love about Facebook!” Confessions of a page admin

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Everyone has a Facebook page today. You hear people talking about all the information the get from friends and family through Facebook. But it’s not just a gossip platform for high school girls or a neat way to stalk your ex. It’s a super powerful marketing tool your business can use and it’s practically free. It gives your customers a chance to interact with you and it gives the business owner a chance to see demographic information that is priceless. Here are a few of my favorite things about Facebook for small business.

Your customers are already there

We all have friends who are on Facebook all the time.  They always seem to know the cool pages to “like” or what stores are having sales because they are on-line all…the…time! How many times in the last week have you heard “I saw it on Facebook”

You can get s TON of information for FREE

Mark Zuckerburg said “I can get anyone to tell me anything by just asking.”  You’ve seen it….the posts that go around asking people their age when they first fell in love, where they like to eat etc.  You can get this same info from your business page.  Facebook just gives it to you.  Information like how many women between the ages of 18 and 55 who like your page or how many men who hunt and read Men’s Health magazine.  Information you would have to pay big bucks for.

You can interact with fans….both good and bad

Your reputation is crucial in a small town.  Imagine if you were able to respond to negative comments directly through social media.  If a customer has a bad experience you are able to correct the mistake publicly letting people know customer service is super important to you.  On the flip side, a great review can be highlighted and posted up for everyone to see.

51% of people who become fans of your page say they are more likely to buy

You can post specials, coupons, secret sales all for free on your Facebook wall.  These images get shared, go viral…..and since you already know what your customers want it’s easy for you to cater to their likes and dislikes.

70% of businesses now have a Facebook page.  That’s a lot.  With that many people and businesses online….why wouldn’t you want to be?

~Marlana #mrsmarketingguy


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I can’t wait to start leveraging the power of social media to build your business 🙂 ~Marlana

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