What Is Your Definition of Success?

www.BentBusinessMarketing.comI know your last name isn’t Webster, but I want to know how you define success?

More often than not, we set our bar extremely high.

The purpose of setting a goal, is so we have something to strive toward, a next step, or a point at which we will make a transition and establish a new end point.

When we set the bar insanely high, our goal becomes so distant, that half way there we lose motivation and proceed to veer off the beaten path.

How are we ever going to taste success if we never allow ourselves to get there?

You put so much effort into reaching that pivotal point, but every time you get close, you push that finish line back farther and farther.

By setting attainable goals, we allow ourselves to have numerous victories before we reach the big game. Just like in any sport, you have to win a lot before you get to the championship.

Look for help along the way. As creative people, we place more blame on ourselves than anyone else. I’m not saying point the finger elsewhere when you experience a bump in the road, but be a little more tolerant of your own mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up, and always know that there is room for improvement.

Avoid naysayers like the plague!

Surround yourself with positive individuals that share your dreams, and are willing to help you out along the way.

All paths are eventually blocked, but the strong ones will find a way around any obstacle, and continue pushing forward. Even if you have to rent a bulldozer!

Success is defined in the dictionary as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.


Not a one shot one kill, but multiple actions taken in order to achieve the final result.

I believe the chances of you actually reaching success, is going to be based on how you define it. Every single one of us is different, and you may be strong suited to defeat one obstacle, while another person would crumble if faced with the same.

When someone says to you “keep moving forward, you’re almost there!”, I know it’s hard to believe because in our mind, our goal is so distant.

But to people on the outside, it appears that we are always progressing, and they often envy us for it!

I believe in you.

Do you believe in yourself?


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