Why Do You Wake Up In the Morning? 5 Tools for Demolishing Conformity

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A majority of our lives are spent working hard in an environment that may, or may not yield satisfying results for the laborer. Even if we possess a unique set of skills, there is always someone chomping at our heels, eager to take our position. The work place can be a gladiatorial battle for acknowledgement, respect and authority. At the end of the day, we return home, mentally and physically exhausted. Our minds are no longer alert, and we struggle to engage with those that matter most. While our families recognize our sacrifices, they truly want nothing more than to see us happy.  

My father hated his job. But he provided our family with all of the comforts of a “traditional” way of life. For me, it was toys, video games, birthday parties and various others spoils of childhood. He was taught at an early age, that becoming a man meant grinding your bones to a fine dust, while working hard to make someone else rich. I respect him for his efforts, but looking back, I would have rather seen him happy.

Conformity Demolished

Those memories sparked my interest in the revolutionary art of entrepreneurship. Becoming your own boss seems to be at the tip of everyone’s tongue when asked what they would have changed in the lives. To me, that’s sad! We live in a country where the production of forward thinkers and creative individuals is becoming scarce. Our labor intensive work force as taken over, and morphed itself into a tradition. You work…and then you die, with very little enjoyment in between.

But what if I told you that everything was about to change? That you were about to change?

 A man’s life is what his thoughts make of it.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

Our natural desire to become something much greater than our current existence is what makes us human. It has been said that failure is a farce. No man or woman fails, they merely conform. Conformity is a result of not being able to face a difficult situation, and believe that you will be victorious. At one point in our history, man’s natural progression was based solely on his ability to think.  The world was full of mysteries. Tales of wild creatures, massive mountains, and babbling waters that glistened like diamonds and each lead us on voyages that lasted decades. Over that time, our desire for becoming less than normal was never faltered. So when did we, as a community, become so lazy? At what point did we adopt the mindset that conformity was acceptable?

In my mind, we are all non-conformists. You, just like me, have a passion for making a difference. Even if you don’t recognize it in yourself, I know that you have been on a relentless search for something meaningful. Maybe you are trying to scratch that creative itch, but don’t know where to begin. Maybe you are desperately seeking a way in which you can monetize your hobbies. Either way, you are starting to acknowledge the fact that conformity will result in death!

Now what are you going to do about it!?

5 tools you can use to express yourself, and work toward becoming your own boss.

1)      Start authoring a Blog

A Blog is simply your thoughts displayed on a web page. While it’s great for business, it’s also a great way to begin establishing yourself as someone who has something to say. Not just nonsense, but information that could change the way a person views their life. Blogspot.com is an absolutely FREE way you can start expressing yourself through text. You’ll be able to start your Blog from scratch. Select the name, add a few pictures, and manipulate the design. Next, you have to create content. Blogs are only cool if they are personal. Now share that bad boy with everyone you know! Start developing a following, and be sure to engage with your readers. Even better, contact the authors of already established Blogs that you frequently read, and ask them if you could provide a guest post. Leverage their popularity to increase yours!

Here’s the link to a quick read on Kindle that will help get you started!

2)      Record a Podcast

Podcasting is one of my favorite tools for sharing a message! Online radio has taken over. iTunes provides hundreds of thousands of podcast episodes. There is a topic for anyone if you chose to search the archives. But for the newbie podcaster, I recommend an application called Spreaker. Spreaker offers you up to 10 hours of FREE online audio storage. The service allows you to become a DJ overnight! Sound effects, custom intros and outros, all included. The really cool thing about Spreaker, is that it’s available on your mobile device. I like to record episodes while I’m driving between appointments. Plus, they give you a ton of social share options like Twitter, YouTube and of course, Facebook.

3)      Author a newsletter

Why not?! Start using some of the FREE Microsoft Word newsletter templates out there, and inject them with your own two cents. After you compile a 3-4 page letter with custom letterhead, cruise on over to your local print shop, and have them printed and center stapled for a few bucks. Hand them out to your friends, and see what they think. A newsletter is only effective if it provides the reader with valuable information. They have to learn something from your content.

4)      Make a video

YouTube.com is an awesome source for inspiration. A ton of successful businesses were launched using a medium priced camera, and some creative ingenuity. Again, your video needs to be educational. Teach the viewer how to do something cool like brew their own beer! Break your process down into steps. After filming, announce its availability on your new Blog, and document each step in your printed newsletter. By linking your content together using different forms of media, you are reaching out to a massive audience. The next thing you know, you’ll be labeled as the local guru for home brewing!

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5)      Put on a seminar

Educate! That seems to be the theme here, but people love learning new stuff. By creating an in-person seminar, you are allowing them to fulfill their need to learn, while introducing yourself as an expert. And don’t be afraid to use the word expert. If you are passionate about something, and dedicate a massive amount of time to building on your passion, you are definitely an expert! Your seminar should consist of at least three parts. Don’t share all of your knowledge in a single sitting. Always leave them wanting more! After a few successful showings, you can start to charge for your information. That’s cash money in your pocket!

All 5 of these tools are designed to break you free from conformity. It will take hard work, dedication, and a ton of tenacity, but you are already destined to succeed. Imagine how great it will feel providing for your family while doing something that you love! Mondays will no longer be dreaded; they will be embraced with a new-found sense of excitement. Everyone was put on this planet to make an impact. No voice is louder than another. The only difference between those who are acknowledged and those who are ignored is the selected volume of their amplifier.

It’s time we cranked yours up to 11!

Andy Sokolovich




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