YOLO! 5 Proven Ways To Attract Massive Amounts of Success

You Only Live Once! (YOLO)

YOLO is the acronym that has become really popular in 2012. The term is mostly heard while walking on college campuses, and down the halls of high schools.

Whether or not  you subscribe to the latest teen phrases and quirks, you might learn to appreciate YOLO.

Some serious truth lies in that not so new saying. You do in fact only get one shot at life. If you spend your time wishing, and yearning for a better life, instead of pursuing one, then you might find yourself at a point where nothing seems possible.

We all have thoughts of a better future. Our desires to earn more money are highlighted during the approaching holiday season. The stores are packed with cool new gadgets, and the latest in top designer fashion. But like most families, you are probably on a budget, and are limiting this year’s spending to a few hundred bucks.

Living within your means is not a dumb move. But what determines our “means”?

Is it the job we currently have?

If you are a business owner, you understand all of the added stress that come along with entrepreneurship. It always feels great being your own boss, but the reality is, all of the work building that business rests on your shoulders.

But what if you started working on building YOU, instead of focusing on everyone else’s needs?

I’m not saying to abandon your responsibilities, but try redirecting your efforts in an order that provides you with the greatest outcome. Success isn’t just a blurry vision of “what could be”.

Success is your reality!

Life is a game. The goal is to live a happy life, but there are several ways to earn extra points along the way.

Try a few of these tips & let me know if they work for you.

1) Let Your Opinions Fly

Don’t hold back anymore! Your opinion matters just as much as the next person’s. When you “bite your tongue” for the sake of not hurting others, you are limiting your chances of being recognized for your hidden genius. Don’t be malicious, but next time you are sitting in that board room, and you know that what you have to say will change things for the better, let your voice be heard! Important influencers will start to realize your true value, and your future will suddenly look a little brighter.

2) Straighten Up & Control Your Posture.

Nothing says weak more than a person who stares at their feet! I know you are a strong person, and you have the ability to take charge. Don’t allow others to perceive you any differently just because you appear less able. A slouched appearance is a physical sign that you are unsure of yourself. Similar to the animal kingdom, body positioning is very important when it comes to creating dominance.

3) Smile More & Frown In Your Closet

Smiling is truly infectious! There is not a single thing on this planet that sets the attitudes of others quicker than a smile. By slapping one on your face, and starting your day off with a joker like grin, you are setting the tone for the rest of your successful life. People genuinely want to surround themselves with those that make them happy. It’s time you leveraged your power, and became the center of their attention.

4) Eye Contact Is Key

If you want more respect in the workplace, then you have to start looking people in the eye. Not only does it let them know you are listening, it’s an action that silently demands respect. By looking someone dead in the eye when explaining things, or when listening, you will absorb twice as much of the information being relayed. Eye contact is also a huge part of building trust. Very few people feel comfortable doing business with someone who fails to look them in the eye. Again, the issue is perception. And as we all know, perception is always reality. At least in the other person’s EYES!

5) Volunteer Your Time To A Good Cause

The strongest desire for all people, is the desire to be recognized. Increase your chances of fulfilling that need by volunteering your time helping out a good cause. There are a ton of organizations out there that spend hundreds or thousands of hours each year help those less fortunate. Not only will this one simple act help build a positive reputation, but I guarantee you’ll sleep better at night! We all should make time to help out our neighbors. If you are in a position where your actions are documented on a performance report, then you would be foolish not to make that report glitter with numerous volunteer bullets. Helping others will always end up helping you. But only if you truly want to make a difference.

Start practicing all 5 of these tactics today. Invest in yourself, and readjust your priorities. B

Becoming successful will take time. Nothing great in life comes fast.

But with the right tools, and a positive attitude, I know you’ll be shouting YOLO in no time!


I know this is a marketing blog, but it’s necessary to sit back and motivate ourselves.

Before we start drawing massive amounts of attention to our business, we need to build a strong foundation that supports sustainable growth.

That foundation is not made up of money, but of individuals that have the right attitude.

I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors.


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