A lesson in success…BE YOURSELF!

2 February 2014
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I have a confession to make. When I started Bent Business Marketing back in 2012, I was seriously wet behind the ears. I just came home from a huge marketing conference in Texas. I met hundreds of successful marketers who seemed to have this “game” all figured out. small__272900992They dressed nicely, their hair perfectly coiffed, and their watches were the size of dinner plates. Back then, I was amazed by such success.

And I had to have it!

I had just left eleven years nestled in the financial safety of Uncle Sam’s bosom. My pay arrived predictably on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Why did I leave?

I grew to become a cold person. My jovial spirit was exhausted. I had dreams of living a life where I could dedicate myself to the betterment of humankind. So in November of 2011, I punched out of the military, and sought to answer the ever-so pressing question…What do I want to be when I grow up?

If you are a friend or connection on LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter or a subscriber to this blog,  you will notice that this profile summary is a re-write. The old words painted a picture of some dude with swagger overload just looking to make a fast buck. But that wasn’t me! I was blindly following the lead of people I didn’t even know. And it lured me into a world where I was expected to give very little value but request a ton of cash in return.

Every time I sat across the table looking at some young start-up entrepreneur in the eyes, I yearned to share every bit of my knowledge with them, but struggled with what to ask in return. I was incapable of charging someone $500 for a logo designed online for $5. This action may be viewed as a bad business decision, but I felt like I just wasn’t giving more than I was going to receive (thanks to the book the Go-Giver!).

So I continued to study marketing, but began concentrating more on personal and leadership development. Another book, StrengthsFinder 2.0 completely changed my life, and now I am pursuing the goal of becoming a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach.

Here’s my message!

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