The Truth About How I Write Ads

27 September 2013
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Do you recall the last time you started talking about your business, and the enthusiasm was raining out of your pores as others sat there soaking up your passion?

If that’s never happened, you might want to consider trying your hand at something else. But if you’ve been on the delivering end of a passion packed pitch then you have already unlocked the secret to writing successful advertisements.

medium_148200800It’s insanely difficult to author an ad that coverts into sales without a healthy dose of energy and enthusiasm.

I was asked the other day what my process is for creating selling ads. I’m sure the person asking the question was disappointed by the answer when I simply replied, “I don’t have one.” Most advertisers have a process, template or pattern they follow to create some of the most brilliant ads you’ve ever seen! I’m not one of them. Well, not really. I do follow one simple rule. It’s a pretty easy one to follow, but requires a ton of discipline with a dash of perfect timing.


The key to writing successful ads is to NEVER delay the physical writing. Don’t wait to author your ad until you have your lucky pen, a fresh blank piece of bond paper and a clean desk to work from. Start writing as soon as you feel that rush of excitement that flows through your veins whenever you begin explaining to someone why you do what you do! Your passion will translate through the words you string together. And people love reading, listening and surrounding themselves with passionate people.

A healthy handful of excitement is worth more than an hour of excessive concentration. Too much time is your enemy. Just sit down with pen in hand, grab whatever you can reach to write on, and just START! I like to set myself a fifteen minute time limit with a two-minute warning alarm. This constraint forces me to focus on the most important benefits of my product, and eliminates useless verbiage.

Put your ramblings in story form for an even higher level of engagement. We love reading stories, and the less it resembles a sales advertisement the better!

This technique doesn’t work for everyone. Some of us love the structure of a process or step-by-step guidelines, but for those of you who do your best work under pressure, try shooting from the hip.

I’m going to give you a shove in the right direct by asking…

Why do you love what you do?


Andy Sokolovich

P.S. If you want some help with writing killer ads that sell, email me at [email protected]. I’d love to see what you’ve come up with 🙂 ~Andy

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