I don’t even know what to call this post! “A quick lesson on the power of positivity…”

3 February 2014
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WARNING: The following post is not about social media, web design, advertising or anything to do with traditional “marketing”

The North Korean’s used this technique to destroy the minds, bodies and souls of American POW’s. It has been linked to a 33% increase in heart disease caused by long-term high blood pressure. It has leveled businesses, families, friendships and personal growth.

What could yield this sort of unmatched power?

Before I answer that question, I want you to ask yourself what type of mood you are in right now. As I type this post, it’s Monday morning, five below zero outside and I was just whacked with a crazy expensive power bill. To top it all off, this morning our truck died right at the top of a hill on one of the busiest streets in town.

FREE HUGSIt’s funny how people drive by and flash you a dirty look as if you broke down there on purpose.

I’m sure just by reading my short Monday morning synopsis you can form your own vision of my current mental status. Nobody likes to start their week off feeling like crap, and yet we feel that we have the right, if only for a few hours, to feel sorry for ourselves. And then there’s that person who chimes in with…

“It could always be worse!”

Does that ever really make us feel better?

I am here to tell you that is OK to feel sorry for yourself. But I am also going to warn you that allowing yourself to rest inside your bubble of negativity for too long is going to systematically destroy everything around you.

If you haven’t already guessed, the answer to my question above, “What could yield this sort of unmatched power?” is negativity.

Life is like one of those batting cage pitching machines, but with a loose screw. You never know where the ball is headed! Should you duck at every pitch? Or should you swing away, and take a few shots to the head?

During my short life in business, I have come to understand that attitude means everything. Nothing good has ever come my way as a result of negativity. In fact, everything great in my professional life was garnered by simply seeing the best in any situation, person or place. Sometimes maintaining that positive outlook is difficult. Heck! Based on my day so far, just typing this post requires a massive amount of inner strength.

I have no real message here that will help you generate new sales, boost profits or attract a new lead. In fact…it has nothing to do with the marketing of your business at all.

But it has everything to do with marketing yourself!

Positivity evokes change. Change in the way you treat others, change in the way you are treated and change in the way you perceive the place in which you work or call home. Here in Clinton, IA, this winter has been rough. The bone chilling cold has kept most of us in-doors alone with our thoughts. Many people have a hard time listening to themselves think. They chase their own ideas in circles like a dog chasing its tail. It’s easy to crawl into a place where darkness can set in, and your smile fades.

Whenever I begin to feel this way, I choose to take on the role of the guy with overflowing positivity! I go out of my way to smile at passersby, make sure to acknowledge how great someone looks in that new dress, or even dish out some impromptu hugs. This makes me feel better, because while I am strong enough to break through, there are some who require a little assistance picking themselves back up.

Negativity can deplete the strength of those around you. Do your best to stay positive, and remember that your actions and attitude will always influence others. What you say and do matters. Even if you don’t know it yet…

You are important! And everyone is waiting to hear what you have to say. Make your message positive, and start counting the smiles.

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