So you’re not satisfied with your job: This book will redirect your journey toward success

15 January 2014
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Have you ever felt that you weren’t doing what you were meant to do in life?

Up until recently, I felt lost. I knew I was good at some things, great at others and really crappy at a few. I seemed to hold positions where I was asked to do more of what I was weak at rather than concentrating on building my strengths.

Right Handed PitcherWhy would a right-handed pitcher ever work on throwing with his left hand?

Our goal, should be to harness the power of our strengths and work diligently to build on those recognized abilities. Great actors work on acting, great writers write and great speakers communicate. Each of us has a unique set of skills that defines who we are. These skills need to be exposed, utilized and taken advantage of in order to become truly successful in life. But how do we uncover these strengths, and use them to build a better life spiritually, physically and professionally?

Strengths Finder 2.0 acts as an insanely bright searchlight focusing on our most attractive and marketable assets.

Here’s how it works.

You buy a NEW version of the book, flip it to the back, scratch off your unique access code to the online personal assessment, take it and then work towards developing a life where your newly uncovered skills make you crazy successful!

At least that’s how I’m going to use it.

The results of your assessment will place you within ten themes. You’ll be presented with your top five to narrow your focus. Each theme is explained in greater detail within the contents of the book. I’m not going to delve too deep into all of the details, but I can say that I was blown away by my results!

These were my top five themes:

–          Strategic

–          Futuristic

–          Woo

–          Communication

–          Ideation

You’ll get results completely different from mine. But once you take the assessment for yourself, come back to this post and compare our themes.

Strengths Finder taught me to concentrate on work that requires me to use all five of my strengths. I’ve been doing just that over the last six months, and the outcome of each project I’ve been involved in has been undeniably successful! In the past, I would have attempted to perform all required tasks myself…even the ones I sucked at. But what this assessment has taught me, is that I am at my best when I am working to my strengths and allowing others to take over tasks where I am weakest.

This post will make a lot more sense after you take the assessment for yourself. This book has given me the focus I was looking for. It was passed on to me by a close friend who was looking out for my best interests. He understood the power of this tool, and also recognized my desire to move my business in a different direction.

Now I am passing it on to you. Take it or leave it, but if you are sitting there right now wondering why you feel dissatisfied with your current job or profession, this book will provide you with the answers.

Strengths Findersignature copy

P.S. This is not an affiliate link. I make no money by promoting this book. It’s a tool that has helped me grow as a professional and community influencer.

I’m simply sharing the wealth!

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