Tag a page…get more LIKES! Facebook’s latest reveal.

27 February 2014
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Hey guys, Marlana here.  I spend A LOT of time on Facebook and they have changed some stuff around again and I think it’s pretty cool.  So let’s say you have a Facebook page and it does well….but you want to increase the amount of people who see your post without having to pay to promote it.  Well now you can and it’s sorta simple.  You can tag another page in your status update and that post will show up in the news feed for fans of the other page.

facebook-vs-google-advertisingFor example, I have a blog and Facebook page called Handsome Homesteader.  If I wanted all the Bent Business Marketing fans to see a post from my page, all I would need to do is tag Bent Business in my post.


An easy way to attract new eyes to your page!  I’m a huge fan of using Facebook for businesses.  Give me a call at 815.441.2219 or shoot me an email at [email protected] if you want to find out just how cool I think Facebook is or how we can use it to promote your business or blog.

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