How to defeat purchase resistance by promoting long-term value

3 January 2014
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Are you creating advertising that emphasizes the long-term value of your product or service?

With more and more families experiencing financial hardship these days, you can guarantee that every expense is not only well thought-out , but scrutinized and inspected for its long-term value.

Long-roadWhat do I mean?

Remember the old days when people made big purchases without really asking themselves, “Is this really worth it?” Back when money wasn’t nested smack dab in the front of everyone’s mind. OK…maybe this wasn’t you, but chances are pretty decent that some of your customers were once swimming in excessive cash flow, and have recently had to start balancing the check book.

Because of this exercised penny-pinching, it’s never been more important to highlight the extended value of your product or service. Especially if what you offer comes at a higher cost. Your advertising and copy needs to express to a would be customer that even five years down the road, their decision to buy your stuff will continue to resonate as a wise choice.

Recent studies have shown that not only are people tightening their purse strings, but they’re turning a blind eye towards advertising. The days of product images surrounded by bright red, bold font, drop shadowed prices are over. Selling on a reduction of price alone is no longer enough to justify the expense. Sure cost plays a huge factor in any purchase decision, but even the smallest of cost commitments must be convincingly sold based on their long-term value to the customer.

In order to break through this wall of spending resistance, you will need to express in detail how your product or service is not just a new toy, gadget or selfish pleasure, but a solid investment in one’s future.

The more a person’s bank account shrinks, the more information they need from you before they even consider swiping that debit card.

It’s your job to educate them. Explain to them in your advertising why your product will not only solve their immediate problems, but will be there ready and waiting for future use. Tell your customer about your commitment to everlasting service excellence, and no matter how long ago a purchase was made, you are 100% committed to ensuring they stay happy with their decision. Highlight your five year replacement warranty. And reveal a massive amount of past customer testimonials dating back from six months to six years!

But here’s where this gets a little fuzzy. In order for you to harness the power of the smart investment shoulder rub, you have to sell a quality product and provide a stellar service. If you try to sell crap, and promote it as gold, the flakes of shiny yellow stuff will quickly fall away and expose your polished turd.

But I’m sure that’s not how YOU roll!

Life is all about making choices. What we eat for dinner, what we wear for work and more importantly…

How we spend our money.

If you leave it up to the customer to perform all of the investigative work, they’ll be sure to come up with a reason why NOT to buy your stuff. Take control of your advertising, and start doing the grunt work for them.

People invest in your ability to deliver to them a more favorable future” ~Jeff Blackman

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P.S.  If you find it difficult to express the quality and long-term value of your product in written word, consider allowing me time to help you harness that information. Our efforts will demolish any buying resistance, increase repeat purchases and provide customers with product facts that they will share with their friends, family and co-workers.

Call me as soon as you get the feeling that writing your own advertising seems impossible. 815.441.2219

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