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16 April 2015
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It’s that simple. If you enjoy creating marketing material in the form of either print or digital, then keep doing it on your own. But if the simple thought of having to draft an offer that appeals to your target audience ignites your gag reflex, then you need to consider outsourcing the work to a capable professional.

You’ll never get into a groove of consistent content creation if you hate it. It’s similar to that month last summer when you decided to start running again, and then within the first mile you realized why you quit in the first place. Having a distaste for any action will never result in mastery. Updating your blog, posting on Facebook, tweeting something out on Twitter, writing an eBook, creating a video tutorial, if done on your own, all of these things will require knowledge, motivation, and a desire to see the task through to completion.

But I lack all three, Andy!

Perfect. Then you need to harness the talents of others who enjoy performing those tasks, and compensate them for their efforts. There’s no shortage of websites focused on connecting clients with qualified contractors.

And don’t worry about getting ripped off. Like any transaction, you have to do your due-diligence and make certain that the person you are about to hire is equipped with examples of past work, testimonials, sufficient quality ratings, and good communication skills. Once you identify the right person for the job, all you have to do is clearly explain your vision of the final product, provide an example if available, and communicate any changes throughout the creative process. Once you are satisfied with the results, pay the contractor and move on.

WARNING: You get what you pay for. If the contractor’s proposal seems too good to be true…it probably is. is a great resource, but don’t expect a brand new custom web design for $5. A single “Gig” on Fiverr will cost a mere $5, but as the job becomes more complex, you may be asked to purchase additional gigs at $5 increments to fairly compensate the pro for his or her time.

I’ll list some additional resources below that promote solid, tested, and proven skills of contractors for hire. But in an effort to hammer my point home, just because YOU don’t know how to do something, or despise doing it, doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Sometimes you have to invest in others in order to move forward. The most damaging action you can take when developing marketing material, is to ignore the possibilities and rest timidly in your comfort zone without asking for help.

The world is full of people who excel at areas where you are less talented. That’s how businesses are built.

They solve problems. And get paid for the solutions.


Below are a few resources that I tap into when seeking out the skills which I lack.

P.S. If you are having trouble outsourcing your project, just give me a call or shoot me an email, I can help you through it. ~Andy

815-441-2219 or [email protected]


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