Small Business Guest Bloggers Wanted! Oh & New Video To Share With Your Friends

7 September 2012
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My goal in starting both this business, and my site, is to keep the content fresh and enjoyable!

As my company continues to grow, I’m finding out that it’s hard to type, and talk on the phone at the same time.

In an effort not to disappoint our loyal Bent Business team members, I am looking for some guest bloggers that want to add a touch of their style to my blog.

I just ask that your ramblings are in the same mindset as mine, and the information you submit is AWESOME!

I try hard to be a great educator, and I want to keep the momentum moving full speed ahead.

Let me know if this sounds like something that interests you, and we can get this party started right!

Email me at [email protected]

Until then…

Check out this video I made where I spill my guts, and apologize to everyone for the lies I’ve been spreading regarding SEO and ranking high on Google search.

Pay attention to my signs. Some of them are hard to read, but I think you will get the idea 🙂

Keep it real ~ Andy


Hit us up on the book of faces!

Thanks again for listening to my Bent Business babble!

Take me home!

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