What’s next? How Apple keeps their customers hungry for another bite

20 January 2015
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Are your customers excited about your future products or services?

I know that it’s becoming cliché to reference Apple in posts geared toward business marketing and development, but not a single company does what I am blogging about better than them. Creating an army of raving fans who live in anticipation for your next product launch is no easy task, but it’s also not an impossible plan for you to emulate.

AnotherBiteofAppleApple followers have blocked traffic, pitched tents, blasted bloggers and have even missed their own weddings in an effort to be one of the first owners to physically hold the latest innovation. Apple’s success can be directly attributed to the loyalty of their customers.

But what if Apple had successfully launched the iPod, and then quit? Do you think the demand for a single product would last decades after its initial release?

Apple keeps their customers coming back because they are constantly providing them with more products to choose from. The iPod turned into iPhone, the iPhone morphed into iPad, the laptop transformed into a MacBook and music stores were struck a fatal blow by the development of iTunes. All of these advancements were customer focused, and succeeded because Apple wanted their army to act as an unstoppable weapon focused on competitor destruction!

And it worked.

Your business, as well as mine, offers something in exchange for money. We are able to sell our wares or services to those who find themselves in need of a solution. They pay us, we provide the goods, they’re happy, we’re happy and everyone wins!

But then what…what are we offering as a follow-up that serves a bigger and better purpose?

What’s your iPad?

The sale does not end after the first customer engagement. It’s our job as savvy marketers to activate our brains, enlist the guidance of our team and grind until we develop something new and exciting to bring them back in. If we fail to do so, we’ll soon lose the opportunity to build our army. The discussion that revolves around you as a new and exciting business will become moot after years of promoting a single product.

Don’t ever forget the fact that people get bored easily. And as a business looking to enhance its growth potential, you never want to be the cause of their listlessness.

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