Andy From Explains His Desire To Educate Small Business Owners

6 October 2012
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I’m all about showing small business owners how to leverage both online and offline tools to promote their business effectively.

You, the business owner, don’t have time to conduct years of research to come up with a solid marketing plan. Your focus needs to be on engaging with your customers, and making sure the product you sell, or the service you render, is top notch!

I want to help you get things started, by offering up a free consultation. No service agreement required.

Allow me to sit down with you one-on-one, at the location of your choosing, and review what you’ve done so far to market your small business. I want to know what has worked, and what has just turned out to be a complete waste of money 🙁

Make sure your efforts are zeroed in on the task of the highest priority. Let us help with the marketing stuff.

It’s what we do!

Give us a call at 815.441.2219.

What do you have to lose? It’s not going to cost you anything.

In this short video, I explain my vision for Bent Business Marketing.


Now is the time to take us up on our offer!

Your smart, and understand the importance of marketing your business.

Not only market, but build an insane amount of brand awareness!


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