7 Traits That Make You An Awesome Person

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How do you define awesome? Someone can be cool, interesting or fun, but at what point do you reach awesome status?

Everyday I meet people who blow me away with their awesomeness! They capture an audience wherever they go. Their presence is always welcomed, and people listen when they speak. A conversation is catapulted to a whole new level when they contribute content. When it comes to making an impact, you have to establish a solid base of confidence. After you understand the value of becoming awesome, you’ll never give any effort less than your best!

The act of maintaining awesome status is not easy. It takes energy, skill, swagger and an endless amount of education. Not education in the traditional sense, but a form of education that can only be found after embracing knowledge from several different resources. Your peers, books, magazines, church, a late night run to the grocery store–anything that will introduce you to information not normally encountered during your normal routine.

But that’s the awesome part about becoming awesome. Nothing will ever become routine. As long as you are pursuing an elevated status in life, you will start seeing each and every day as an opportunity. The sun will rise and set, but your new-found lifestyle will lead you down unforeseen paths towards excitement. You will turbocharge your existence, and positively impact everyone you meet and interact with.

But the question still remains, how do you work on attaining a level of awesomeness?

For starters, you can emulate the characteristics of someone whom you feel is truly awesome. Someone which you admire, trust, respect but do not envy. Envy will lead only to failed results. You will become jealous, and quickly lose focus.

Here are 7 traits that every awesome individual posses

  1. Honesty – Don’t stretch the truth in order to make people perceive you as more like-able or entertaining. Be honest to yourself and stick to revealing only the truth. You’d be surprised how many people will find your life interesting.
  2. Trustworthiness – Keep your word. Speak only about topics which you know are accurate and will provide value to the listener. Trust takes time to earn and seconds to lose.
  3. Good Communicator – Let your message be heard. Select subjects or talking points that will result in everyone involved learning something new. Be cautious of your audience, and limit your conversation to only appropriate content.
  4. Attentive Listener – Along with the ability to share a message, you must become a great listener. Don’t listen while at the same time awaiting an opportunity for rebuttal. Listen for problems in which you can provide the solution.
  5. Positive Attitude – Meet each new day with a positive attitude. Learn to see the good in every situation. Treat each new person you engage with as an opportunity to expand your social network, and earn a lifelong friendship.
  6. Self-Confidence –  Believe that you have what it takes to make a difference in someone’s life. Never diminish your accomplishments, and always walk into a room with a purpose. Present yourself as a professional.
  7. Sense of humor – Don’t be overly rigid. Have the ability to see humor in both your actions, as well as the actions of others. But be sure not to ridicule others in an effort to garner acceptance from your peers. Laugh at your own screw ups!

There is no cheat code to becoming awesome. If you adopt these 7 characteristics, and apply them to your everyday life, you will definitely find yourself taking a giant step in the right direction.

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