Who else wants to become an effective leader? (VIDEO)

16 April 2014
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My name is Andy Sokolovich and I love learning about effective leadership!


Oh yea! My wife was in the Air Force as well 🙂

My eleven years in the Unites States Air Force allowed me the opportunity to work for some great leaders. It also introduced me to appointed leaders who lacked an ounce of ability. Since honorably separating from the military in 2011, I’ve delved deep into the attributes that make up an effective leader. All of my research will be for nothing if I don’t take the time to share my findings with you.

So here you go! I present to you the latest Bent Business Marketing production, Leadership 101: How to become an effective leader

Please feel free to comment below, share and add your own viewpoints or attributes. Thanks for taking the time to watch this presentation, and stay tuned for more videos as we explore the art of networking, web-based marketing, social media and how to motivate your employees.

Thanks again!
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