Creating a Facebook Page WILL NOT Increase Sales…

23 September 2013
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I get more and more people everyday asking me about Facebook. They want to know how it can possibly work to increase their sales. I could give them a ton of secret insights used by some of the world’s best social marketers, but that might be a waste of time. The truth is…

Creating a Facebook page for your business will NEVER increase sales!


FacebookWhatYes folks, the act of creating a Facebook page has, and never will result in a rapid boost of excess cash flow. In order for you to get your burger’s worth from Facebook marketing, you have to be in it to win it.

After creating your page, adjusting your images to the proper dimensions and calling your BFF to tell them you’re finally on Facebook, you’ll have to get involved in the existing conversation. That means authoring posts, sharing images, Liking other pages and dedicating some serious time to developing your newly established online presence.

Oh, and if you think all of the powers of Facebook are going to be laid at the tip of your fingers overnight, well then you might want to check your vehicle’s floor boards for an exhaust leak. Facebook marketing takes time! And patience. Most businesses that jump into this digital social circle become frustrated when they can’t equate their time spent on Facebook to actual in-store sales or service calls. Don’t get me wrong, understanding if your efforts are paying off is a huge part of marketing, but unlike a direct mail piece, the returns here will not be visible immediately.

In the beginning, all you are trying to do is fight for a slice of real-estate in a prospects mind. More sales are made based on familiarity with the brand than any other reason. Subliminally, we trust in the quality of a product because of the amount of times we’ve witnessed the brand through both online and offline ad sources. Getting active on Facebook will boost awareness of your business. Someone is not going to click the Like button on your shoe store fan page, and within the same hour show up in your place to buy a new set of kicks.

I guess that could happen, but you see what I am getting at!

What’s more feasible, is that same person having their heel fall off during their walk to work, and on their lunch break, because they remember you from your Facebook page, come strolling in to dress their tootsies with the latest six-inch fashion trend.

You took the time to get involved in their conversation online, and now they are rewarding you for the effort. And if you’re really smart, you’ll create a Facebook linked discount, sale or prize. Even better, you’ll secure their contact information so you can invite them in for  top-secret VIP specials!

Now you’ve got them. The marketing funnel has been filled, and used correctly; you can market to them, their friends and family. All because you were smart enough to spread your message right where the masses were listening.

With over 1 billion users, Facebook is a marketing tool that can not be ignored.

I will repeat my warning for those who are taking notes.

WARNING: The act of creating a Facebook page for your business will NEVER increase sales. You have to be willing to post several times a day, and become a page that not only exists, but is adding a tremendous amount of value to the conversation. ONLY then will you be able to harness its true power!

That’s why it’s called SOCIAL media. You gotta be in it to win it 🙂

Andy Sokolovich

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