All generations have one thing in common

25 March 2014
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Why is the world passing you by?

Every success starts from a simple idea. But what happens when you no longer have ideas?

Today, I was sitting in a classroom discussing the generational differences among members of society, and viewing a slide show presentation that broke down the ideals and work ethic of Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen X’ers and Millennials.

tombstoneFrugality, pride, loyalty, heart and perseverance were common words used to describe those who survived through the Great Depression. Boomers were dubbed as anti-government, free-spirited and as lacking respect for authority. The Gen X’ers along with the Millennials were both dunked into a category consisting of technological advances such as the internet, gaming, pirated music and medical research.

While each description could spark a debate, especially in a room of mixed members, one distinct commonality stood out amongst the highlighted differences. Each generation made an impact in this world based on their ability to develop new ideas and take action to see those ideas come to fruition. Their ideas would morph to create new ways of solving old problems, eradicating diseases, space travel, inventing automobiles, preserving food, communicating through invisible airwaves and manufacturing tiny computers that can store thousands of songs and then fit comfortably into your front pocket. These seemingly impossible visions would spark the transition and changes in behavior from one generation to the next.

Ideas are free to create, free to write down and free to share. They cost you nothing to formulate, and once the power of your own thoughts are harnessed, they can be used to change the world forever.

What was your last big idea? Did you jot it down or share it with someone? Did you get excited about new possibilities or adventures? Or….

Did you selfishly keep it to yourself?

I like to treat ideas as handshakes. As you go through a normal day meeting new people and extending hands for that expected embrace of politeness, instead of simply exchanging “hellos,” consider exchanging ideas. A greeting will introduce you to a person’s birth name, but the sharing of ideas will introduce you to their dreams, their passions and their desire to make a difference in the world!

The thirst for change has and will always exist in every generation.

But the catalyst will always remain in the free-flowing of shared ideas between everyday people like you and me.

I tell my daughter all of the time that “sharing means caring,” but a better and more accurate spin on that same clichéd phrase could sound more like…

“Sharing means caring…but only if you care about changing the world!

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P.S.  I was born on April 19th 1982 and that puts me in the Millennial or Gen Y generation. I’m not really big on labeling myself based on my birth year, but as long as I keep sharing my ideas, hopefully my picture too will one day be presented in a slide show to a group of imaginative members of society. ~Andy

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