Video Marketing 101: Sell More With Your Smile

6 March 2013
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Video killed the radio star!

While all forms of media pack their own unique punch, video continues to create the biggest buzz. In order for your video to be effective, you have to understand what makes it work. Pointing a camera at your face and speaking may work for the Blair Witch Project, but shooting a video designed to market your business requires some skill.

Here’s my first attempt at branding myself using video. Not a bad first try, but I will be making some changes. One thing I learned quickly was to move my note board to an area behind the camera, so you don’t notice my eyes shifting! Maybe I’m the only one that noticed, but it’s still something that I can work on. Either way, incorporating video into your existing marketing plan is a great way to build brand awareness, as well as boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Without further adieu, HERE’S ANDY!

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