How To Effectively Build Your Small Business Through Networking: Video Reveals 5 Top Strategies

29 October 2012
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Great content…crappy video quality!

I apologize for the quality of this video. I’m so passionate about teaching others about these proven networking strategies, that I failed to charge the HD camera.

I didn’t want to waste anytime, so I rigged up my old point & shoot, and started recording.

While the image quality is junk, the audio is bad ass, and the content is legit.

These 5 tactics, if mastered, will have you leaving every networking event with a pocket full of business cards, and some new clients/customers.

Effective networking is all about personality. If you are a serious introvert, and are terrified of being out in public, then you need to hire someone to represent your company.

The best thing, would be to slowly get over your fear of socializing. But in the meantime, use your resources, and appoint someone on your staff to do the schmoozing for you 🙂

Every successful person in this world has asked for help.

In order to get the help you’ll eventually need, you need to surround yourself with those that are willing and able to provide you with assistance.

That’s the magic of networking!

Get out there and be somebody.


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