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Is the concept of internet marketing getting the best of you? The problem with marketing your business online is that it takes time, knowledge, and some tech skills to make it all come together. This struggle forces business owners in one of two directions; they either choose to learn and accept that technology is here to stay, or they refuse to learn and stiff arm the power of web based conversations focused on their target customers.

For those of you in the first group, you may want to give me a call. For those of you in the second, you may want to cut and run while you still can! Just sell the business, buy a small camper trailer, and move somewhere secluded. You’ll be safe there.

The Quick & Easy Online Content Creation Series was designed for those who want to dedicate time to three 45 minute chunks of online marketing instruction. You can digest all three at one time or elect to space them out.

Here are two ways to start getting your LEARN ON:

  • Host a “lunch-and-learn” in your own conference room, or leverage our facility and we’ll host it for you with some advanced notice (two weeks minimum)
  • Create a full-blown half day workshop. Learn about outsourcing, blogging, and podcasting in an afternoon jam-packed with online marketing mayhem!

I know online marketing can be intimidating. I was crazy scared when I started blasting my ideas, vision, and plans for success out into the unfiltered world of the internet. I knew enough about myself to acknowledge that I wasn’t going to dedicated days and weeks to designing something that may or mat not work. At this point in my career, my TIME was MONEY! The more time I had to focus on my clients, the more money I’d be able to earn.

As a result, I had to figure out ways to market myself, develop engaging content, and continue to promote my business with limited resources and of course…time.

I taught myself some of the same tricks and tactics that I now want to share with you.

Stuff like:

  • How to spend less than $6 on cool digital marketing stuff
  • How to start a blog, and what it will do for your business
  • How to develop a podcast that can be listened to on iTunes
  • How to inspire and motivate others with just a few minutes of your time each day!

This may all seem like a hodgepodge of unfamiliar terms, but when you choose to blast your message out over the digital airwaves, you are saying to your audience, “I know where you’re looking for information, and I’ll be there so you can find me!”

OK. Back to the workshop. I originally wanted to create a set date and time for each of the three sessions, but I didn’t want to make it difficult for anyone to attend. If your schedules are as crazy as mine, then you know how difficult it is to be somewhere in the evening following a hard day of work. So…I want you to pick the date! Reach out to me and let me know how you want to schedule your classes.

All I need to know is who, where, and when. I’ll bring the WHAT!

  • Who – who will be there?
  • Where – where do you want to meet?
  • When – when would you like to schedule your workshop?

I do ask that you provide me with at least two weeks notice. This will allow me time to research your industry, and customize my presentation specifically for your audience. The topic will remain within the focused sessions (outsourcing, blogging, and podcasting) but I’ll modify the content so you get the best bang for your buck! Speaking of bucks…

Here’s the pricing breakdown:

  • One session (your choice out of the three) $495
  • All three sessions (scheduled out and separated by date) $455/pr session or $1,365 total
  • All three scheduled for a single day (approximately 3 hours w/breaks) $1,200…a savings of $165!

If this sounds like an investment you can make, use the link at the bottom of this page to schedule your workshop or ask any questions you may have.

What are you doing to attract new sets of eyes to your business? The competition is stiff, and in today’s business world, it’s online!

 “Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” ~Seth Godin

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