They Laughed When I Decided To Start My Own Marketing Firm – But When I Explained My Vision…

25 October 2012
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They still laughed!

It’s a hard sell when someone is so used to do doing things a certain way. Especially, if you’ve been running a business for a long time, and aren’t very familiar with all the services the internet has to offer.

No matter how many naysayers try to tell me that online marketing is just a fad, and advertising in the phone book is still the best way to build customer awareness, I will continue to shout from the roof tops that there is a…

New and better way to build your business online!

Never before in history has there been so many tools available that you can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they’re FREE!

Mass media fails to convert, and with the introduction of social media, you can selectively advertise to those that have already shown interest in what you have to sell.

I love marketing, and I will never quit educating business owners on the future!

Success may be just a few Likes, Tweets, Shares, or blog posts away.

Aren’t you just a little bit interested in how it all works?

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