Who Else Wants to Know About the Content Double-Tap Strategy?

25 March 2015
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Bent Business Marketing & Advertising…the home of the Content Double-Tap Strategy.

According to Wikipedia.com (which is always right by the way) a double-tap is defined as a shooting technique where two shots are fired in rapid succession at the same target with the same sight picture.

So how does this apply to my marketing strategy?

I know how precious time is these days. Just sitting down and writing this blog post will soak up a few hours of my day. I’ll have to put my thoughts down into a word doc, proof read <–which I suck at, format the content, slap it on my webpage as a post, and disseminate the link via social media and email.


This is the point where I apply my (trademark pending) Content Double-Tap Strategy!

Instead of slouching in my desk chair everyday trying to come up with a new message to share, I deploy this strategy in an effort to create new forms of media by recycling the work that I’ve already accomplished. I pop off a second round in the same direction, and focused on the same target.

Only this time, I’m using a different form of delivery.

That blog post I wrote last week is transformed into a podcast, becomes a chapter of an eBook, turned into a white-paper, redesigned as an infographic, or animated into a kick-ass video.

Tap! Tap! Same content…transformed.

You may have members of your target audience who HATE to read. I know that I do. They’d rather listen to a podcast on their way to work or the gym. DON’T LET THEM ESCAPE!

Share your message in a place where they’re known to hangout. iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher, they’re all great platforms to disseminate your audio content. Just buy yourself a USB external mic like the AuidioTechnica ATR2100, download a free copy of Audacity, sit behind your laptop and record yourself reading your latest post! Be sure to toss in some personality, inflection, and don’t sound boring. Nobody wants to listen to a robot.

Create yourself a free profile on Spreaker.com, upload the audio file, write a simple description, and guess what?…You’re a freakin’ PODCASTER!

Wanna right an eBook?

Write 4 or 5 blog posts has part of a series. Slap that content into a single word doc, add an intro/closing page, include your contact info, strategically place some hyperlinks in the text, add some images, and go to Fiverr.com and have someone design an ecover.

Next, convert that bad boy into a PDF, store the file on Dropbox or Amazon S3, and share the link. You can use a URL shortener like goo.gl and track the amount of link clicks you get. I also like to use a site called myecovermaker.com to create a 3D book cover using the design I bought on Fiverr.com. I embed this image on my website, and hyperlink the pic to redirect to my eBook.

Wham. BAM. Thank you ma’am. I have an eBook!!!

Sounds too simple, right? Because it is. That’s the entire point of the double-tap. It’s easy, and it allows you to recycle your content without having to dedicate a massive amount of time to creating new stuff.

And don’t use the excuse…”I don’t know how to create an infographic or design an animated video!”

If you have $5-$25 extra bucks lying around, you can leverage the talent of the pros on Fiverr.com and have them do it for you. Don’t be intimidated by outsourcing stuff. It’s easier than you think, and once you find a contractor who gives you what you want the way you want it, you can keep going back to that well of talent.

I hear more and more people sit back and proclaim that they’re super jealous of these online powerhouse personalities who have cool and engaging content on their website.

They’re not magicians or mystical wizards! They’re using the same tactics that I listed above to create that stuff! You can do it too if you try, and take action to learn about the resources available to you via the World Wide Web.

Stop being lazy, and step your game up!

Or you’ll be left behind in a cloud of digital dust and regret.


Have questions? Want to know more about our Content Double-Tap Strategy?

Email [email protected] or call me at 815-441-2219.

P.S. I’m going to transform this post into a podcast, and embed the Spreaker.com player right below this post. TAP! TAP! ~Andy



photo credit: Giraffe fascination 2 via photopin (license)

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