Andy From Talks With Sly Stallone About Social Media & SEO

6 September 2012
BBM Video
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Comedy Alert!!!

In an effort to win over a new client, Andy from Bent Business Marketing explains the importance of integrating social media, and search engine optimization into your existing online marketing plan, to ultra movie star Sly Stallone!

Unfortunately, Andy is not talking to the real Sly, but the information he reveals is still valuable.

His company, Bent Business Marketing, is trying to make a name for themselves as the leaders in meaningful marketing. By integrating a tactical social media approach, and building legitimate content that is keyword optimized, he’s showing small business owners that there is a better way to market.

Not only is marketing online more effective, it tends to be a little kinder to your annual budget plan!

Sorry to all of you that really wanted to see me land Sly as a client, but he was unavailable during the filming of this short video.



Obviously, I did the voice over for Sly Stallone! Pretty impressive right!?

I did create this short video to be funny, but the information I provided is legit.

There has never been a better time to start marketing online!

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Thanks again for sharing your time with us 🙂

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