Can you spot the differences between these two images?

13 November 2013
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Look closely…..

greatart copyStill haven’t found it?

Well guess what…neither did I. Why? Because I don’t care. Sure it’s a great way to entertain ourselves or fill in the long wait at the dentist’s office. But when it comes to making money, these two images represent the reason why some businesses have failed to experience growth.

You see, the human eye has a very difficult time focusing on objects that are in a state of stagnation. Only when something begins to move do we start to acknowledge its position and value.

How does this play into your business?

It’s simple. When your business stands still for too long, and makes zero attempt to capture the eye of potential customers, it becomes ignored. And even worse, it takes a sharp detour into the land of Forgottenville! An object in motion is easier to spot. That’s why businesses that are constantly looking for new ways to become more attractive experience rapid growth and financial success.

Now here’s the catch. Don’t do something so crazy to grab the vision of the public eye, that you harm your reputation. A great example in my opinion is none other than Miley Cyrus. I know…I’m playing into her web by simply typing this, but the point I am trying to make is that there is a huge difference between being noticed, and becoming valued. Sure you can streak around the streets in a thong with your logo and number painted in bright colors on your bare chest, but is that action going to lead to long-term value?

My guess is a big fat NO!

Some people interpret marketing as a way to make your mark…by any means necessary! And why I do agree that stepping out from your comfort zone, and performing something outrageous is a great way to build some much-needed buzz around your venture, I also know that if your product sucks, the increased attention will be the equivalent to someone taking a pneumatic nail gun to your coffin instead of a hammer.

You have to constantly be in a state of motion. It doesn’t have to be a full out sprint, but you need to understand that every day you wake up and flip that sign from close to open, you are presented with a new chance to grab some of that highly coveted customer attention. Marketing your business is not about sending out mailers, running a quarter-page ad in the local rag, or disseminating your every six months email. No my friends….

MARKETING IS EVERYTHING! And I’m not exaggerating, I really mean everything.

Listen, it’s easy to stick to the things that you know and are comfortable with. It’s easy to avoid websites, social media, podcasts and blogging. You can crawl into the fetal position and wait for the wave to pass by, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not a wave…

It’s a freakin’ flood.

Now your only option is to build yourself an ark, but with the cost of lumber these days, it might just be easier to step outside that bubble of bliss and comfort and try new things. Launch a Facebook page, build yourself a website, sell your wares on etsy, build your email list and create a marketing arsenal that’s unmatched in power and effectiveness.

Whatever you decide to do, just be sure not to stand still.

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