How to Market Yourself – 7 ways to make people want YOU!

13 July 2015
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We all know that competition in the workplace is fierce and it can be difficult to even get a foot in the door at a new company.

Why should someone hire you over a dozen or more other applicants?

One of the biggest misconceptions about landing a job or contract is that the most educated and experienced person will always win out. Now we aren’t saying that education and experience isn’t extremely valuable – it is, but it’s also only part of the package. You have to remember that regardless of how hard you’ve studied or how long you have worked in the industry, these benefits come with another important feature – YOU!

If you don’t present yourself well, and if a potential employer can’t see how you will benefit their business, then all the grades and experience in the world won’t get you hired. And, a lack of experience doesn’t have to hold you back if you can sell yourself and make employers see the real potential in making you a part of their company.

Here is our guide to marketing yourself to make businesses want YOU!

1. Be Knowledgeable

It’s no good talking the talk if you can’t walk the walk.

Being knowledgeable about your industry and any specific companies that you are approaching, as well as their competitors, will immediately give you an edge. Understanding the industry will also allow you to provide thoughtful and relevant responses to interview questions or participate effectively in networking conversations. You can source your information from current industry blogs, websites and other publications.

2. Project your Personality

You really need to make the most of the interviews or networking events to project your personality and let people know just how awesome you are!

Potential employers will want to see that you can effectively represent their business. Demonstrating your positive personality traits will help them determine if you are a good fit for their company. These include talking about something you are passionate about, describing what motivates you, making tactful but honest remarks, and showing initiative. Ensure that you focus on all of your positive attributes and demonstrate why your personality is just as important as your other skills or experience.

3. Be Social

We don’t just mean in a ‘drinks-at-the-bar-after-work’ kind of way either!

Social media makes it increasingly possible to market ourselves, and with it being accessible 24/7 there is no limitations as to when potential employers or business partners may seek out your information. Social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram let you update your followers with regards to your career development. Promotions, new projects and developing new skills are just a few facts a possible employer will be able to unearth online. Using social media also portrays you as a modern and tech-savvy individual who is ready to embrace change and isn’t afraid to put yourself out there! Just remember to keep all of your content professional and relevant.

4. Know your USP

Everyone has a Unique Selling Point (USP) and knowing yours is vital to selling yourself.

How can you expect a business to hire you when you don’t know yourself…what makes you stand out from the rest? Your USP could be anything from specialist training to specific experiences or personal commitment. Whatever it is, it should highlight the benefits that a business would receive from hiring and working with you. Businesses need solutions rather than just skills, so if you can offer them a solution to an existing problem or save them money, then these are ideal USP’s to focus on. If you still aren’t sure what your USP is then try asking your current or past colleagues for their input. And tell them to honest!

5. Be Successful

Many resumes are stuffed with lists of responsibilities and skills that candidates have had or demonstrated in their current or previous roles. These are commonly shared qualities and illustrate competency, but lack any sparkle that will prove to an employer why one person – you – are a better choice than the dozens of others who have the same things written on their application.

Instead, focus on your job successes within these responsibilities:

Saved the company money? Streamlined a process to save time? Secured a new important contract? Highlight your success stories within your employment history and show potential employers how you could benefit their business too.

6. Tell a Story

Many research experts believe that we are naturally predisposed to remember information more accurately if it is associated with a story.

Networking events and interviews are great ways to recite a business or personal tale that highlights a positive impact that you have had. Make sure that you keep it professional and relevant, and if there is a humorous aspect then that helps too! Potential employers or business partners will be more likely to remember you based on the positive aspects of the story.

Aim to keep your story less than 45 seconds to ensure that you keep your listeners attention!

7. Get Testimonials

Using testimonials from colleagues, employers and other business associates can give you additional credibility and provide a snapshot of your profile for your resume. Add brief excerpts from referrals, testimonials and other positive praise as bullet points to let potential employers see an overview of your accomplishments and skills. Highlight any other important personal traits such as efficiency or the ability to maintain excellent working relationships. You may even have skills unrelated to your usual job role that have been useful, for example, “Samantha’s ability to speak fluent Japanese saved our business from using a costly translation service, and assisted us in securing a new contract with a client in Tokyo.”

Stand out from the crowd and make businesses want YOU!

Good luck!


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