Keeping your finger on the throbbing pulse of change

12 February 2014
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One way to progress in business is to always remain open to new ideas. Don’t limit yourself to what you knew when you started. The world is constantly changing and evolving into a web of new inventions, technology and forms of communication. Those who choose to remain nestled in the warmth of their comfort zone, eventually find it difficult to remain relevant to their customers.

Pulse of ChangeAs others around you choose to read about and investigate new ways of approaching old problems, you will become increasingly frustrated with your surroundings. You’ll grow to loathe those who have embraced new trends in their business. They’ve morphed to better serve their customers, and their bank account reflects the change.

The world as you once knew it may no longer exist. You have to take the good with the bad.

Many use the excuse that, as a matter of principle, have chosen to ignore the changes that are taking place all around them. Don’t use your “principles” as a mask to cover your stubbornness. Even my own business, Bent Business Marketing, has been called to adapt our daily practices as a result of our client’s needs.

What was revolutionary and labeled a game-changer last year is no longer of any concern. In order for my business to stay competitive, I have to ensure that we keep our finger on the throbbing pulse of the latest trends. As a way to avoid growing extinct we subscribe to magazines, read books, watch webinars and network with others in the same industry.

We can always learn from the past. Customer service and a healthy dose of hospitality will always remain important. But the future has spoken, and the generation that follows is looking for a place where their creativity and spontaneous thinking is embraced not repelled. Whether you are small start-up or a Fortune 500, it is your duty, a charge if you will, to keep moving forward.

If you want your bank account to grow, you’ll have to build your knowledge base.

Never stop learning!

I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. The next time your nephew or grandson is tapping away on that “invisible” keyboard on his iPad, stop and ask him to show you how it works. Ask him if he’d be willing to teach you how you could integrate that technology into your business practices.

You may even be able to use this new knowledge to simplify your processes saving you time, money and allowing you to concentrate on the part of business you do best.

Growing it!

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