What should I charge for my services?

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Most people, and I was one of them, scour the internet trying to find the right dollar amount to charge their customers or clients. We collect at least a dozen pricing examples, and determine what number looks like it’s enough to make us money.

We close our eyes, make an educated guess, and then roll with it. Sooner than later we realize that we’re not charging enough. And seldom are we told that we are charging too much.

Price is not an issue when the product or service you offer is worth the cost to the customer. If you are adding VALUE to their business, they are always willing to pay. It’s when they don’t feel that they are getting a positive return on their investment that they balk and head for the hills.

Another tip…you can always lower your price to meet the customer’s budget. I don’t recommend it, but it’s possible. It’s much harder to charge more when you’ve already established your pricing baseline.

And don’t do anything for FREE! Unless your ailing grandmother wants to share her life’s story via a blog, don’t offer your services at no-cost. I understand wanting to be nice and “help out” a local non-profit or charitable organization, but once word is out…good luck recovering. That’s a slippery slope that never ends.

Charge what you feel your time is worth. Nobody is going to value your time more accurately than you. If your skills are worth $200 an hour, then charge $200 an hour. If someone tells you that you’re nuts, share with them your Dropbox folder packed with case-studies, customer testimonials, and results that generated new revenue, and smoking hot leads.

They can’t charge $200 an hour, but that’s because they either don’t have the talent, or they don’t believe in themselves.

Don’t allow a Google search the power to set your value. Trust in your abilities, and do the work. ~Andy

P.S. If you want to know what I charge for my services, just shoot me a text at 302-382-0410.

I’d be happy to help you increase sales and generate new leads.





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